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Additional Components


A number of additional third party components may be used with Apache Tomcat, but are not provided directly in the downlad bundle for a variety of reasons. These may be built by users should they need it.


The additional components are built using the extras.xml Ant script which is present in the source bundle of Tomcat.

The build process is the following:

  • Follow the build instructions to build a Tomcat binary from the source bundle (note: it will be used by the build process of the additional components, but does not need to be actually used later on)
  • Execute the command ant -f extras.xml to run the build script
  • The additional components JARs will be placed in the output/extras folder
  • Refer to the documentation below about the usage of these JARs
Components list
Full commons-logging implementation

Tomcat uses a package renamed commons-logging API implementation which is hardcoded to use the java.util.logging API. The commons-logging additional component builds a full fledged package renames commons-logging implementation which can be used to replace the implementation provided with Tomcat. See the logging page for usage instructions.

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